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The club has been going strong for over thirty years and already most  of the early members are no longer with us so I thought it was time to gather information of it's history before it is lost forever.   I have worked on this project mainly for my own curiosity but also to leave a record for future members' information.

This short history has been compiled from past minutes, account books, membership registers and the help of a few long term club members' memories.

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

Gwenda Ross (Munt)

Ernie Faulkner

Pat & Cec Mutch

George Tonissen


The club has changed it's venue and name over the years

In the beginning it was known as the "Peninsular 40 & Over Club"

In January 1997 it was known as "The Over 40 Social Dance Club" as shown in the following club rules



  1. The club shall be known as "The Over 40 Social Dance Club" 

  2. Membership fee of $5.00 per year becomes due before the last Wednesday in February.   

  3. The admission fee to the Weekly Dance Social on a Wednesday night for paid up members shall be $2.00 for ladies and $3.00 for men and non members pay $4.00

  4. Persons wishing to join the club must be over the age of 40 years and entry to the weekly dances is restricted by age, unless under certain circumstances which shall be at the discretion of the President or Vice President.

  5. All members shall be correctly attired. (No jeans or thongs).

  6. No one shall be admitted if he/she is under the influence of alcohol.

  7. Ladies to supply a plate of cake, sandwiches or biscuits.

  8. Members are required to attend at least 20 nights from the date of application for membership before being allowed to attend the Christmas Dinner free of charge.  10 nights attendance are required to be eligible to attend the mid year Dinner for half price

  9. Any suggestions or comments shall be made in writing, signed and handed to the Secretary for consideration by the Committee.  All decisions arising and made by the Committee shall be final.

  10. All decisions regarding acceptance, rejection or cancellation of membership shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  11. It will be the responsibility of the President to see that these rules are applied to the best of their ability.

         PRESIDENT                      VICE PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY

         Bernice Alexander             Len Alexander                         Mary Yule

         (Signature)                           (Signature)                               (Signature)

                                                        January 1997

Dances were held in the Cornelius St Hall ,  Scarborough, Pensioners Hall Redcliffe and the old Scouts Hall in Oxley Av before moving to the CWA Hall in 1984

In the early years the club concentrated on social outings and get togethers as much as dancing and there were numerous picnics and bus trips.

According to George Tonnisen some  of the highlights of his time in office was the dinner dance held on the Brisbane River on the Lady Brisbane in November 2002 and the trips to the Festival of flowers at Toowoomba.

Also the club used to have a dance on the fifth Saturday of each month when there were no other venues operating. Don and Betty Barber played on those occasions.

In a letter to the club's Treasurer Doreen Hogan in February 2011 Madge White (formerly Brookes) recalled some of her memories of the early days of the club.

She said it all started with a group of parents without parteners looking for social contact. Initially they had parties in in members houses and then hired a hall (presumably in Cornelius St) and about ten people turned up.

They took tea and coffee and the women paid 50 cents and the men a dollar and with the help of raffles managed to pay the rent

The origanal group was for unattached people over 35 who liked dancing. Not married couples.

The group grew and the women brought a plate of supper and the men two stubbies of beer or soft drink.

The first President/Treasurer Was Joy Pashen

Early committee members were

Merv Moggeridge

Jan Wilson

Bill Cornford

Bob Johnson (not the present author)

Gwen ?

Madge Brookes

Mick Watson

Clyde Jenkins

Olive Ball



Use the following links for information on office bearers and highlights of early decades.