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Our program starts at 7.00pm and usually comprises a bracket of two dances with only a minute or so between each bracket so on a typical night we would have about 14 brackets before supper which is at 8.30 pm and about 8 brackets after supper.

Brackets vary and are two separate dances.

Progressive dances are not being held at present and the Monte Carlo waltz is held early in the second session.

There is sometimes one Jazz Bracket comprising Jazz Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep.


The following is a table of current dances in our program.

Alpha Waltz Charmaine Waltz Carousel Schottische Alvaston Blues Georgella Blues Black Knight Tango No progressives with Covid
Bluebird Waltz Colleen Waltz Charmaine Schottische Balmoral Blues Helena Quickstep Fire Fly Tango Barn and Canadian Barn
Dream Waltz Dorothea Waltz Danube Schottische Bambi Blues Mayfair Quickstep Mambo Magic Gypsy Tap
Emmerdale Waltz Empress Waltz Excelsior Schottische Barclay Blues   Miami Rhumba Glyngarry Swing
Engagement Waltz Hawaiian Waltz Merrilyn Schottische Domino Blues   Queen of Hearts Rhumba Hucklebuck
Harmonie Waltz Killarneyvale Waltz Orlando Schottische Dynasty Blues   Rosalie Rhumba Jive
Honeysuckle Waltz Le'Gaye Waltz Stanthorpe Schottische Harvest Time Blues   Rhumbaette Onslo
New Vogue Waltz Lucille Waltz Venetian Schottische Riverside Blues   Sally Anne Cha Cha Rockabilly
Princess Waltz Margo Waltz       Tango 44 Samba
Saga Waltz Oxford Waltz       Tangoette OTHER DANCES
Silver Waltz Parma Waltz   FOXTROT     Alpine Stroll
St Valentine's Waltz Pride of Erin Waltz SAUNTERS Idaho Foxtrot   Sindy Swing Sunshine Stroll
Trinity Waltz Rosita Waltz Cherry Tree Saunter     Chicago Swing Canberra 2 Step
Vanity Waltz Serenade Waltz Jasmin Saunter     Bluebell Swing Evening 3 Step
Waltz Cathrine St Bernard's Waltz Redrose Saunter       Festival Glide
Woodside Waltz Swing Waltz Roberta Saunter       Gypsy Tap
  Tracy Leigh Waltz Saunter Together       Imperial 2 Step
  Twilight Waltz         Militaire
            Monte Carlo
            Jazz Bracket
            Jazz W-Quickstep-Foxtrot


One or two new dances are usually included throughout the year with practice sessions being held for three weeks at 6.30 pm before the dance commences and then the new dance is added to the program each week for several months.